Software for the industry. By the industry.

Industry-specific software solutions offer a great advantage: they account for workflows exactly the way customers and suppliers need them. Sounds simple, but can only be implemented on the basis of industry expertise. Our IT solutions are developed by logistics experts. Checked by industry insiders. And, last but not least, further developed in cooperation with customers and suppliers.

Our services:

  • Long years of experience in the fields of development and implementation of IT systems for chemical & Plastics, logistics & production, especially in the section of ERP and CRM solutions

  • Main emphasis on many CRM projects with combining data´s of different software solutions.

  • Development and implementation of networking concepts and security procedures.

  • Development and implementation of individual IT solutions.

  • Developing Intranet Solutions based on MOSS ( Microsoft Office SharePoint Server)

  • Conception, design and realization of Internet solutions
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